New Construction 2015

Construction Pictures of the new addition to our location!

Texas Hold’Em 2014

1st Place: Robert Kinder, Cretex
2nd Place: Braxton Hamilton, ITC Electrical Technologies
3rd Place: Zach Byard, AP Wyoming
4th Place: Dutch Sherley, Lokken
5th Place: Dave Woodward
6th Place: David Ward, R&M Welding
7th Place: Jared Schontanus
8th Place: Daren Boudreau, ITC Electrical Technologies
9th Place: Justin Burke, GW Mechanical

Texas Hold’Em 2013

Congratulations to this years winners! Cal Fenton – Zach Byard – Brandon Feather – Greg Cunningham – Dan Williams – Bob Greenly – Cory Frenick – Darren Boudreau – Jason Salazar

Texas Hold’Em 2012

Congratulations to this years winners! Nate Harris – Randy Morrison – Greg Cunningham – Joe Goodman – Ray Ebert – Dan Willims – Mike Cook – Bob Greenlee – (NP) John Kuhn