Q: Why did Casper Contractors Supply, Inc’s name change?

A: Casper Contractors Supply Inc’s name changed to better reflect our buying power and connection to other stores throughout the region.  While we are a stand alone, local supplier, we are part of a larger buying group that allows us access to more inventory at better prices.  This has always been true, we are just making that more apparent now.   

Q: Who will be assisting me with my purchasing needs at Northwest Contractors Supply?

A: All of the same people you have gotten to know and trust are still here.  The only change is our name. Our peoples’ knowledge and dependability are still what you have come to know and trust to complete your job.

Q: Where do I remit payment?

A: Remit your payments in the same way and to the same address you always have.   The process will be seamless for you. This is truly just a name change.

Q: Will you still carry the inventory I have become accustomed to?

A: Yes!  Our inventory has not changed.  The name change really reflects what our sourcing, buying, and pricing capabilities have always been.